Welcome to Necropolis Studios

Welcome to Necropolis Studios!

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The Dragons Are Here!

April was the month of the dragon.

Most of my time in April was devoted to finishing up a large dragon head sculpture and making a mold for it.

Have I mentioned my dragon-curse? I've tried to make dragons before, and something invariably goes wrong. The first dragon I ever made was ceramic. It exploded in the kiln. Another I sculpted in wax... and it melted on a cross-country move in August. That sculpt had taken over 200 hours. Still another dragon had a freakish issue in which the silcone molding material bonded to it, ruining the original and making the mold unusable.

New Goggle Designs - Just in time for Burning Man

Since I began making goggles a bit over a year ago, I haven't added any new designs. Today, I'm proud to announce that I have three!

First up are the tentacle goggles - this is probably the thing that has been most requested over the past year. I've tried a couple of different ways to do them, but a good tentacle-style was eluding me. I'd tried a couple of different ways to make them before, but they looked a bit silly. This is my favorite so far. I will likely offer them in different colors. If you have a request, let me know!

Monster Tiles Are Now Available!

I like sculpting monsters. I also like sculpting small things. For the past few months, I've been working on a new project that combines the two.

Artificial, a film by Greg Mannino

Featuring my wall mask.

I hereby declare this to be awesome.

Old Magicians' Magazines

This past weekend, we found a huge pile of old magazines for professional magicians at a local used book store. They are all from the 1930s and 1940s. The covers on these things are fascinating, so we had to share some of them with you. 1947 Conjuror's magazine cover The Hungry Clown? What's that? The Hungry Clown Poor Hank.

Need Goggles for Burning Man?

I'm continuously surprised by the uses for our goggles that people have been coming up with. Today, someone bought a pair to wear to Burning Man, which we think is pretty cool. It certainly makes sense on an aesthetic level; Burning Man fashion is notorious for people wearing outlandish, artistic outfits (assuming they wear anything at all), and we have a some appropriately strange and unique goggles that you won't find anywhere else (because Angela designs and makes them all herself).