The Dragons Are Here!

April was the month of the dragon.

Most of my time in April was devoted to finishing up a large dragon head sculpture and making a mold for it.

Have I mentioned my dragon-curse? I've tried to make dragons before, and something invariably goes wrong. The first dragon I ever made was ceramic. It exploded in the kiln. Another I sculpted in wax... and it melted on a cross-country move in August. That sculpt had taken over 200 hours. Still another dragon had a freakish issue in which the silcone molding material bonded to it, ruining the original and making the mold unusable.

BellatorOn the other hand, dragons hold a strong appeal. I'm very fond of reptiles - I've been keeping lizards as pets since I was fourteen or so. I know how scales work, and I enjoy putting them together in ways that don't precisely occur in nature (but could). Also, I worked for a year in a museum fabrication shop that regularly made dinosaurs... but never got to work on an actual dinosaur. Maybe I have something to prove there.

So, in April I made a dragon. There will be 100 in this series eventually. Now, I just have the first three, and I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out. Each of these heads will be unique - in addition to hand-painting them individually, I manually set the eyes and resculpt the area around them by hand. Because each of these is so much work, I'm naming them individually. The series itself will be called draco primoris, after the species name of the dragon. The first three are named Autarch, Bellator, and Grimcaul.
Image for scale

Dragons in this series are going to be available for sale within the next few weeks. I'm altering the material a little bit to make them lighter and stronger so that they will ship well (though it will still be a huge box!). You'll be able to order a dragon with your choice of scale and eye colors with or without a mounting board.

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