Monster Tiles Are Now Available!

I like sculpting monsters. I also like sculpting small things. For the past few months, I've been working on a new project that combines the two.

Green Dragon TileMy monster tiles are individual pieces of ceramic art that are primarily designed for use in games. They are cast in porcelain and come in one, two, or three inch square sizes. You can use them on a battlemat (the monster types are appropriately scaled for d20 games). They can also be used as alternate markers for other games. The bandit, for instance, would make a great addition to just about any Settlers of Catan game. You could even have the awesomest Monopoly set ever. Not all the tiles are of monsters, per se: I have adventurer-types, animals, and even a treasure chest.

OK. The treasure chest could actually be a monster in disguise.

The monster tiles had their debut in the Artist Alley at Balticon, where they were a big hit. While most people seemed to want to use them for games, they were picked up by plenty of non-gamers, too. Someone even suggested redoing her bathroom in them. (If you want to do that, contact me for bulk pricing.)

Brown Ceramic Spider PendantRight now, I have a couple dozen tile designs available. Most of these are one-inch tiles, with a few two and three inch ones. I'm making more as we speak. Eventually, I'll even do some larger tiles. As of right now, all of the tiles are available in six colors: red, white, green, blue, teal, and brown. This is great if you want to have, say, five goblins that you can easily differentiate in a game. I'm also offering unglazed tiles, because I know that just as I like sculpting little things, there are many people out there who love to paint little things.

In addition to just plain tiles, you can also get the one inch tiles as pendants. In the next few days, I will have magnet versions of the one and two inch tiles as well.

new monster tilesI just finished sculpting the next set of one inch tiles.

This set includes an evil warlord guy (who was suggested to me by a customer at Balticon) - or maybe a death knight, a black bear, an elf (play guess-the-gender!), a hooded undead horror (wraith? crypt thing? lich? grim reaper?!?), a gnoll (but not the half-gnome/half-troll kind), and a pseudodragon. Right now, the originals are in plasticine. Eventually, I will cast them in porcelain and then they will be available on the site (give me a week or two).

I'm actively looking for ideas for new tile designs, so if you have suggestions or requests, send them my way. Sure, I have a pile of books filled with monsters, but what monsters do you want to see?


It's too bad the Beholder belongs to WotC. That would be an awesome one.

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