Privacy Policy

I get all creeped out by the information that is collected about me on the Internet. It seems to be a necessity these days, but I don't have to like it.

I will respect your privacy.

If you share information with this site, I will not sell or distribute it without your permission. I will only disclose your information to the extent that it is necessary to utilize third-party services and only when you give me permission to do so; for instance, if you choose to pay via PayPal, your payment information will be transmitted to PayPal. Similarly, if you join our mailing list I will utilize a third party service to deliver that mailing list to you. Currently, our mailing list provider is MailChimp, and they have their own privacy policy. Actually, if you are interested in PayPal's privacy policy, you can read that, too.

Other than sharing this information needed for the basic functionality noted above, I will keep your information in strict confidence: I will not share it with anyone nor will I reuse it without your explicit permission.

If you have any concerns about privacy on this site, please contact me.