New Goggle Designs - Just in time for Burning Man

Since I began making goggles a bit over a year ago, I haven't added any new designs. Today, I'm proud to announce that I have three!

First up are the tentacle goggles - this is probably the thing that has been most requested over the past year. I've tried a couple of different ways to do them, but a good tentacle-style was eluding me. I'd tried a couple of different ways to make them before, but they looked a bit silly. This is my favorite so far. I will likely offer them in different colors. If you have a request, let me know!

Need Goggles for Burning Man?

I'm continuously surprised by the uses for our goggles that people have been coming up with. Today, someone bought a pair to wear to Burning Man, which we think is pretty cool. It certainly makes sense on an aesthetic level; Burning Man fashion is notorious for people wearing outlandish, artistic outfits (assuming they wear anything at all), and we have a some appropriately strange and unique goggles that you won't find anywhere else (because Angela designs and makes them all herself).